Mirco Giacobbe

I am a lecturer in computer science at the University of Birmingham. My research interests lay between formal verification and artificial intelligence. I develop automatic techniques to formally assure that arti­ficial intelligence is safe and trustworthy, and I study the question of whether machine learning can itself provide proofs of correctness. Here's my CV and here's a picture of me.

Students interested in pursuing a PhD at the University of Birmingham in formal methods and artificial intelligence are invited to get in touch with me.


School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK

Selected Publications

Safe Artificial Intelligence

Verifying Reinforcement Learning up to Infinity. Edoardo Bacci, Mirco Gia­cob­be, David Parker. IJCAI, 2021. [paper]

Shielding Atari Games with Bounded Prescience. Mirco Giacobbe, Moham­madhosein Hasanbeig, Daniel Kroening, Hjalmar Wijk. AAMAS, 2021. [paper]

How Many Bits Does it Take to Quantize Your Neural Network? Mirco Gia­cob­be, Thomas A. Henzinger, and Mathias Lechner. TACAS, 2020.   [paper]

Proof Learning

Formal Synthesis of Lyapunov Neural Networks. Alessandro Abate, Daniele Ahmed, Mirco Giacobbe, and Andrea Peruffo. IEEE L-CSS, 2021.   [paper]

Learning Probabilistic Termination Proofs. Alessandro Abate, Mirco Gia­cob­be, and Diptarko Roy. CAV, 2021   [paper]

Neural Termination Analysis. Mirco Giacobbe, Daniel Kroening, and Julian Parsert. arXiv, 2021   [preprint]

Cyber-physical Systems

Continuous-Time Models for System Design and Analysis. Rajeev Alur, Mirco Giacobbe, Thomas A. Henzinger, Kim G. Larsen, Marius Mikucionis. Com­pu­ting and Soft­ware Sci­ence, 2019.   [paper]

Space-time Interpolants. Goran Frehse, Mirco Giacobbe, and Thomas A. Hen­zin­ger. CAV, 2018.   [paper]

Counterexample-guided Refinement of Template Polyhedra. Sergiy Bo­go­mo­lov, Goran Frehse, Mirco Giacobbe, and Thomas A. Henzinger. TACAS, 2017.   [paper] [tech. details]

Systems Biology

Model checking Gene Regulatory Networks (best paper award). Mirco Gia­cob­be, Ashutosh Gupta, Calin Č. Guet, Thomas A. Henzinger, Tiago Paixão, and Tatjana Petrov. TACAS, 2015.   [artifact] [paper] [extended paper]